You can earn and redeem points at RSL's across Victoria.

You will be rewarded for every dollar you spend, so the more you spend, the more rewards you will enjoy. Being a part of RSL Rewards also gives you entry into competitions, and prize giveaways.
Simply swipe your card when purchasing anything in the Venue.


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It’s simple! If you are an existing RSL Member, you’re already a part of the RSL Rewards Program.

You can now use your card in the RSL Rewards Kiosk to enter competitions and find out your points balance. If you’re not an RSL member, why not join today and ensure that you get rewarded.

All you need to do is fill in the Membership Application Form!

A staff member can enter your details on the spot, print your membership card and you’re ready to go!

Start using your card today and earning points now! The more points you earn, the higher the rewards!


$1 = 2 points on earning and 1 Point  has a value of 1 cent on redemption.


Code of Conduct


Wangaratta RSL Club Sub-Branch Incorporated

RSL Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct – March 2009

Updated version as at 2 December 2009

Gambling Code of Conduct

The Wangaratta RSL Club Sub-Branch is committed to the objects and purposes of the Returned & Services League. Such objects include the care and assistance of veterans and their families, and involvement and commitment to the members of the local community. The Sub-Branch accepts the responsibility for the care of its members and visitors to the Sub-Branch, including the responsible supervision of gambling and associated activities.

Click the button below to view a copy of the code:------------------------

Download the Sub-Branch’s Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct.

The Code will also be available in community languages at the following link:

Languages will include:

  • Greek

  • Italian

  • Vietnamese

  • Chinese

  • Arabic

  • Turkish

  • Spanish

Commitment to Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling in a regulated environment is where consumers have informed choices and can exercise a rational and sensible choice based on their circumstances.

It means a shared responsibility with collective action by the gambling industry, government, individuals and communities.

The Wangaratta RSL Sub-Branch commits to this policy as part of its commitment to the care of its members and the community.​


Gambling Help & Related Government Links:

Federal Money Smart Financial and Budgeting Advice:


State Government Problem Gambling Assistance website:


Keno Rules of Play:

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